30 FREE Ways To Have Fun With Your Kids


Hey Mamas! How many of you have loads of time and plenty of money hanging out of your pockets?! No one? Yeh… Me too. This single gal right here is all about FREE stuff.  I love free stuff! I love free clothes, free food, free items, free toys, free food (yes it’s so nice I need to say it twice!).  I don’t mind spending some moola to have fun with my son, but I’m not willing to blow a wad of cash on doing something when I could have done the same thing or something better- for free.

As a single mom I’m constantly on the lookout for activities to keep my son engaged and expel energy like there’s no tomorrow. You tend to get real creative when you’re bored, or when the winter months roll around and it’s too cold to play outside for long. 

And, because I’m such an advocate for having a plan each day (keeps you focused and on track for what you have to get done!) I like to mix and match what we’re doing so we don’t get burnt out. Let’s say we plan to run around at the park for an hour, then eat lunch, play with puzzles, then build a fort, and read a few books.  That small plan gives you ideas of what to do next, add more or less time to your plan and you’re getting lessons in without having to push for it.

Here’s a list of some activities Hunter and I do pretty much every week, with the exception of a few things… (you can only take so many balloon pops in a month..)

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Indoor Activities

  • Do puzzles
  • Do a scavenger hunt in a specific room
  • Color with crayons or markers
  • Paint!
  • Do tye dye shirts
  • Make a fort
  • Play with playdoh
  • Make salt dough ornaments
  • Use old boxes and cut out shapes 
  • Play hide and seek
  • Make instruments then play music
  • Read books
  • Have a dance party
  • Run around an indoor mall
  • Make puppets
  • Go to a library
  • Play in the tub
  • Stamp paper with paint and objects around the house
  • Make a sticker book
  • Blow up balloons and throw them around
  • Then, pop them with your booty!
  • Work on drawing shapes and naming colors
  • Stack boxes and count them

Outside Activities

  • Go to an outside mall and walk or race
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Have a pet? Go for a walk! Have your kiddos hone in on their senses
  • Draw on the sidewalk with chalk
  • Play with a bucket of water and cups
  • Walk around a park
  • Hike through the forest
  • Play tag
  • Blow bubbles
  • Visit nearby landmark
  • Have a picnic


Ok, so I listed more than 30, but giving your kids quality time isn’t as hard as some parents believe. Your little ones honestly do not care what you look like or if you wear Gucci or fab finds from the thrift store. What they will remember is that whole day, hour, or minute that you gave them your complete and undivided attention. Some of my favorite memories with family are the goofy things we did together as opposed to how many toys I had. Make time to spend with them. The rewards are beyond words!




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