250+ Valentine’s Day Activities To Do With Your Kids

Valentine’s Day is just days away and I cannot wait to spend it with my little man! Actually, in reality, I have to work the entire day- as in a 12 hour shift at the hospital. 🙁

Ok, so it’s a bummer that I can’t spend that particular day doing fun things with Hunter, but that’s the beauty of being single and planning around life. I decided the plan some fun activities for he and I the following day. I basically made it an extended holiday… #momwin!

I gathered my favorite Pinterest pins on Valentine’s fun! Hunter is still a bit too young to indulge in the tasty goodness of V-Day (that kid doesn’t need any more sugar, trust me!) but there are plenty of healthy options, cool crafts, and sweet valentines that we can bring to his classroom, and have plenty of activities leftover to do together!





The 48 Best Noncandy Valentine Ideas For Kids






Eye Love You | DIY Valentines Crafts for Kids to Make | Easy Valentines Day Activities for Classroom





19 Incredibly Easy DIY Valentines That’ll Make You Look Super Crafty








Instead of giving your kids more candy, give them something more filling!







Here are 25 cute and creative Valentine Day Ideas for you to use this year. Easy to print and perfect for kids.







Valentines Day Breakfast Ideas for Kids | Fun food recipes to make for your family including cute pancakes, waffles and healthy options too! Serve in bed or at the table (make sure you have some cookie cutters handy!)






Serve up this Healthy Valentine Food for Kids - ideas for breakfast, lunch & dinner that kids will love






10 Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats For Kids


Kid-Friendly Valentine's Day Surprises--that are healthy! Click for recipes/instructions. | via @SparkPeople #food #fun







Valentines Crafts for Kids: Here are the top ten Valentine’s Day craft ideas that you can help your kid try out








Cutest Valentine's Crafts for Kids #Valentines





The BEST Valentines crafts and activities for toddlers. Here you'll find easy play ideas and art for little kids to make on Valentine's Day!






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