St. Patty’s Day Lucky 7 Mini Series- Mom Tees

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If we were able to put as much effort into our own wardrobe choices as our kids’, we’d be amazing fashionistas running off of coffee and 4 hours of sleep. Oh wait, we already do that! 

This fun holiday on comes once a year as do all the holidays, but the only other holiday that you search for goofy shirts is Christmas. Let me explain- in my book St. Patrick’s Day shirts and ugly Christmas sweaters are about the same. People love searching for that one sweater that is so ridiculous for the infamous ugly sweater parties. St. Patty’s Day shirts are just about the same. The only difference is the St. Patrick’s Day shirts all talk about booze.

Well, this mommy stayed away from boozey doozies. I am a big fan of comical shirts (mommy appropriate ones) and will rock those without a second thought. I also love wearing matching shirts with Hunter. I have to get that in now before he gets older and matching Mom becomes incredibly “not cool”.

Here’s my 7 lucky ducky picks for super fun shirts I’d proudly wear for this fab, green holiday!

St. Patrick’s Day Tees for Mom


Zero Lucks Given Tee



Chaos Coordinator Tee




Tired as a Mother Tee



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 St. Patrick’s Day Kid Tees


One Lucky Mama Tee




Messy Bun and Getting Stuff Done Tee



Matching Shamrock Tees Mom and Kid



Lucky Nurse Tee


The last shirt may seem like it doesn’t apply to every mom (I chose this because of my career choices and I know so many amazing nurses) but technically, all moms are are nurses. Every time you or your kid is sick, who is wanted? Mom! So everyone mom has a little bit of a nurse in them, and cook, and maid etc. We are Jacks of All Trades! Happy St. Patrick’s Day Moms!




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