St. Patrick’s Day Lucky 7 Mini Series- One Lucky Dog

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When I post pictures on social media I typically share photos of my family. My fam consists of 3 people in my house: myself, my son, and my dog. Ok, so 2 people and a dog. Hey, it’s not the All American dream, but that is my family. When asked, I tell people I have 2 children- one furry and one human.  I even go so far as to say “my furry, first born”. Yeh, I may love my kids a little too much. Lucky kid and lucky dog. 🙂

So, when I started this series I immediately began picking out fun shirts for Hunter and I to wear. Everyone gets a little festive on this Irish holiday so I made sure that Bear (my “furry, first born”) had some fun with it too. I happened to buy a cute collar for him a few years ago from Old Navy that reads “One Lucky Dog”. Every year for the month of March I bust out his Lucky Dog collar and let him shine in some bright green glory. (Hunter isn’t the only one who I dress super cute!)

I think it’s worth noting that cute clothing isn’t necessary for your pup to be festive.  Showing love doesn’t have to stop at a leash and a collar. Here’s a roundup of some super sweet items that show you care while celebrating the holiday and your “lucky dog”!




Yoda Dog Toy





 Lucky Dog Collar  


Trader Joe’s Dog Treats   (These treats themselves aren’t “Irish” per se, but they are green/organic!)







Pettom Dog Saddle Backpack



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Pet Frist Aid Medical Kit ( It’s not green, but orange is still Irish!)





Interactive Feeder (This bowl is intended to slow down fast eaters, which will help lower the chances of meals coming back up once swallowed)



Best Dog Mom Ever Tank




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