St. Patrick’s Day Lucky 7 Mini Series- Saving Money

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If you do a search- anywhere really- about saving money, a huge list of pages comes up. How do you know what is a good tip and what isn’t? Technically you won’t know what is and isn’t a good tip until you try them out and see for yourself. So with this idea in mind, I wanted the last post of this mini series to be about saving some green.

Everybody wants it, we’re always trying to make it, and “we don’t need any extra money”, said no mother EVER. Here’s my 2 cents (wink, wink) on this post. I researched different wants to save money- in specific niches. Every person who is struggling financially has decided what it is that they need to cut back on. I put together a list of 7 links that I hope will be of use.

Just think, there are so many ways to celebrate this holiday: from the goofy shirts you buy, to bettering your home, and keeping your wallet & bank account full. Sure they’re not all fun per se, but purposeful.  

Wishing you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day, from our family to yours!




Saving Throughout the Year

When To Buy Guide





How To Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half


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Ways to Save Without Trying


18 Easy Ways To Save A Buttload Of Money This Year







Easy Hacks to Save $5,000

12 Easy Money Hacks That Will Save You $5,000 In 2018 money saving tips | ways to save more money | best way to save money ideas | tips to save money budget #thewaystowealth #moneylove #moneysavingideas #savemoney #moneytips #savingmoney






Save Money Now


100 Tips to Help You Live Within Your Means- Frugal living isn't difficult, if you know the right tips. To help you start living frugally, check out my 100 tips to help you live within your means! They're a lot easier to implement than you'd think, and can save you a lot of money! | frugality, ways to save money, reduce your expenses, get out of debt, #frugalLiving #saveMoney #moneySavingTips #debtFree






Money Saving Printables


These 8 Free Budget Printables are THE BEST! I'm so glad I found these AMAZING ideas! Now I have great ways to make a budget and save money! Definitely pinning!






Saving $1,000 in 60 Days

Saving money is hard, no matter who you are. An easy way to make saving money fun is to turn it into a challenge! This 60 Day Money Saving Challenge will help keep you on track to reach your savings goals. Don't forget to download your free printable tracker!






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