April Amazon Weekly Picks- Morning Mugs

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I had a friend recently ask me if I was morning person and before I could answer he asked if I was incredibly upbeat and cheery. He even went so far to motion my  “happy expression” with a face and hands. I laughed at the question, mainly because I know most people who I know (and like… let’s be honest about this…) see that happy side of me all the time, day or night. But I answered with the fact that it depended on how much coffee (and sleep of course) I happened to get that morning.

When I thought about it after, I realized I kind of am a morning person. I like the sun waking up, and it gets me ready to start a new day with new opportunities. However… there are those days when I could have slept a year or had a gallon of coffee and it wouldn’t have mattered.

Those mornings are reserved for the extra pick-me-up. Those mornings are what we call “WTH” mornings and you look for anything that is going to get you through the next hour, let alone your workday. 

When these mornings happen I have a foolproof solution on how to get your butt back in gear. Here’s a quick 3 step guide (literally only 3 steps) to taking your “good” morning back.





1. Look Amazing, Feel Amazing

Last week I was last getting up for work, as in overslept by 25 minutes which is a huge deal. I rolled over, looked at my clock, yelled a series of profanities (thankfully Hunter was not at home) and ran into the bathroom. I had literally 17 minutes exactly to clean up, get ready, feed and walk my dog, pack my breakfast and lunch and be in the car and pulling out of the parking lot. I thought I was going to have a panic attack rushing out my door, but I managed to make it in time. 

When you’re running late in the morning everything feels out of place, and you’re worried that you’ve forgotten something important. In my case I did- my FitBit- but that was it. Even when you’re short on time, make sure you choose what to rush with and what not to.  I spent a solid 10 minutes making sure my face and hair were to my liking since I knew I’d look like that for a 12 hour shift. I do not put make up on in the car. I don’t know how some moms do that, but 1) I’m not that talented and 2) It’s dangerous for you and everyone else on the road.

So, make sure you look amazing. If you know you look awesome, you’re going to feel it. 


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2. But First, Coffee!

If you’re not drinking some sort of caffeine concoction in the morning I send you a huge KUDOS! I managed a large portion of my life without coffee, but after becoming a mom I learned to find the right mixture and now I’m addicted. (PS. cold brew is the way to go!)

Along with coffee, you need a good laugh. I know that sounds difficult to achieve on a rough-start morning, but hear me out. While I was perusing through Amazon the other day I found quite a few coffee mugs that completely cracked me up. Some gave me half a smirk and others I full out laughed. Either reaction you give yourself in the morning will automatically start to change your tune. Check out these hilarious mugs that you need to add to your AM coffee 🙂


The Adventure Begins Mug



That’s What She Said Mug




Don’t Speak Mug





Don’t Be A Prick Mug



Blood Of My Enemies Mug



Help Me I’m Poor Mug



Don’t Tell Me To Smile Mug



Hello Darkness My Old Friend Mug


Here’s the recipe:  1. Read your cup. 2. Make your coffee. 3. Drink about half and wait a good 10-15 minutes. 4. Read your cup again. 5. Have a good laugh, chuckle or even a smirk will do.  Your welcome.


3. Blare Some Good Tunes

Yes, I fully understand that while you’re not awake when you’re getting into your car it is vital for you to pull out that SD disk with all of your ‘feel good’ jams. This is the key to walking into your destination a happier person, I promise you.  You’ve picked these songs for a reason and in the words of J.T. you “Can’t Stop The Feeling”. A foot tap turns into a head nod, then to a sway and next thing you know you’re full out rockin’ and singin’ five minutes from pulling into a parking space.

When you begin your day well it starts a ripple effect. You smile more and have a warm and friendly demeanor. Others pick up on it and you begin to change their morning as well. You soon realize everyone is happier and the day isn’t as bad as your thought it might be. This is way I choose to start every day.





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