April Amazon Picks: 15 Pretty Pineapples

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The last month or so I’ve been staring at my blog with that “meh” face. I was feeling pretty unenthusiastic about how it looked, so within the last few days I gave my site an overhaul. While a majority of it was done on the back end, I decided to get a little more visual on the front.
I opted to step away from being literal (mint colored everything) and finally bit the bullet and acknowledged the elephant in the room….. I love pineapples! I enjoy them in designs, their silly shape, their delicious taste, and simply for the fact that they remind me of being in a tropical place.
I bee-line for them in every store I see them in since they’re usually placed with the summer gear. Ah… Summer. That’s another reason I like them. When I start to see pineapples, all things nautical, and outdoor awesomeness get setup, it’s a reminder that those warms months are coming. 
And, I treat Summer very similar to Christmas:  instead of a tree going up right after Thanksgiving- when the temperature hits 70 degrees, and stays, all my warm weather clothes and summer gear come out. I start to plan hiking trips and begin to bug family when they’ll be making their rounds to come visit. This is fun for Hunter too (and not just me with my nautical and pineapple decor) since he loves the warmth and playing in water too. Summer is the best because it opens up more ways to stay active, play, and it’s so much easier to chase away any lingering winter blues.
So these pineapples have an underlying super power: they bring on happiness. What an easy way to smile today-  show me a pineapple! But one thing about that… if you send SpongeBob with it, I’m going to deck ya! 😉







Stainless Steel Pineapple Tumbler







Cute Pineapple Body Pillow





White and Nude Ceramic Pineapple







Pineapple Pet Bed





 Pineapple Planner






Kavu Pineapple Rope Bag






White Tabletop Battery-Operated Pineapple Candle





Wavetree & London Pineapple, Coconut & Lime Milled Soap






Pineapple Stemless Wine Glasses






Alex and Ani Pineapple Bangle





Pineapple Sandwich Peaked Cap







Pineapple, Palm Tree, and Triangle Blank Notecards



Pineapple Comforter




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