April Amazon Picks: Minty Fresh

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Hunter has become extremely vocal over the last 6 months. It’s amazing how much kids grow in such a short time.

He has enjoyed telling me frequently, and over and over again, about his favorite color blue. When he first started reminding me at 2.5 years I was a little frustrated. The first 12 times was cute. At the hundredth time it lost its sweetness and became a nuisance. 

At this juncture I needed to figure out a different response method. He didn’t know the difference and it wasn’t fair to him for me to be such a grump about it. I ended responding to his statements about his favorite color with my favorite color, mint (teal, and all those lovely shades in between).  Again, it was cute for the first couple times and we even laughed about it. The repetitious nature of it was great for introducing Hunter to respond to questions and vocalizing colors- at least those 2 to start.  Again I searched for a way to keep myself calm about the relentless “blue” statements since he now responded with, ” …and your favorite color is mint, Mommy!”.  

I began responding with questions. “Hunter, what color is this?” Most of the time he knew them and would answer. Of course when he didn’t know I would teach him what the color was and how to say it, thus a reoccurring situation that became a learning lesson. I must say- it was not my first and foremost intention to teach him more colors and how to say them and I’m a little ashamed of that. I was, however, trying to be a better parent by responding in a caring way that wouldn’t hurt his feelings even though I was getting pretty heated with the constant poking.

Needless to say, Hunter knows a wide variety of colors, how to say them and how to pick them out. Just the other day he said, “Look Mommy, that color is Amber.” HUH?!

He has also calmed down about telling me what his favorite color is. He will occasionally point out a toy or two or something else that catches his eye that is blue. Then we have a short game of it: how many items can we find of each of our favorite colors in a few minutes. He always wins since I usually have to go looking for my color and we’re typically in an area where everything is blue.

That’s the beauty of shopping online. You can put in a keyword and find everything in that color! I love mint. It’s warm, and such a stunning color. I have it sprinkled throughout my entire home and could probably see myself naming my next pet Mint. Oh boy, I’m just kidding… or am I?! 🙂




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