How I Doubled My Pinterest Views in 7 Days

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It was a struggle for a lengthy period. I really wasn’t sure I was doing anything right on Pinterest since all my efforts seemed to go nowhere. I looked at my site- and although I understood that it is still very new I was hoping to have seen more progress. 

I had my Pinterest profile set, all my boards were ready, I SEO-ed the poop out of my profile and boards, and was pinning like crazy… or so I thought.

Up until this point I had made an extremely conscience effort to manually pin everyday, and often, to boost my presence. It was basically working since my views would slowly but steadily increase each day. And by slowly I mean maybe by 100.

I was discouraged and frustrated. What picture was I missing? The fact is, I wasn’t pinning enough. I thought that by hopping on and pinning 2-3 different times a day and maybe doing 4 pins each time was enough. And, while it technically may be for some, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

I decided to take a look at my Tailwind account. I hadn’t realized how much I was slacking with it, and that was killing me! I had 5 scheduled posts. FIVE. Not for that hour, not for that evening. Five for the whole day. I almost fell over. What a waste!

After the initial frustration I sat down and brainstormed on how to make positive changes. Here are 2 steps I put into effect to boost my views.


1. Double Your Scheduled Tailwind Pins

 I sometimes still think about how I had no idea how to use Tailwind- and the fact that I only had five flippin’ pins scheduled. Insert slap to the face. The amount, quality, and timing of your pins makes a difference! So I literally doubled my scheduled pins. The five I had scheduled everyday got bumped to ten. And, I continued to pin manually. I was grateful for 

Sign up for Tailwind here

Here’s the difference- just doubling that amount- even adding only 5 additional pins and still manually pinning about 1-2 times a day to about 3-4 boards helps. Granted, most people do not have that time. ( I don’t have that time!) However, testing it for the set time proved to be valid. My starting views were around 14k. I ended up just below 31k views in about 7 days!




Pinterest Views 14k



2. Publish a “Series Post”

This idea is from Elna Cain over at I was researching ways to drive traffic and her lovely post came up. The gist is to write and publish a post every day for a set time. I chose to do a 7 day St. Patrick’s Day Series ( you can check out one of my posts here

I did research for a full 2 weeks before. I wrote my posts ahead of time and fixed up all my photos. It was hard work. I was tired. I hoped it would work- and it did. In one day I received close to 900 saves. For me, that was a ton of saves.  With a new, small blog, this was a huge deal. This was a big ticket for getting more traffic and boosting my Pinterest views and saves.



Pinterest Views 30k


What I Learned


  • Blogging is not easy- nor is it for anyone looking to get rich quick. But, any serious blogger could have told you that. I did learn that if you’re looking to have your blog stream income, gain followers, and build a rep, you have to put in the work. When you read about those bloggers that built SEO behind the lines, stayed up until 2 am, or got up early around 4- after going to bed at 2- they did it. They put that hard work in to reap their benefits. I know a lot of people who make a face when I say that I blog. I’ve stopped trying to explain why I do it. When I’m able to stop working my 9-5  (or my three 12-hour shifts)  then it will be time to explain. Do not give up. When you put in the smart work, it pays off.
  • I also learned where to place more effort in my blog. I learned about my actual work ethics and effort. I found out I knew literally nothing about SEO, and that being an affiliate is more than loving a product.  (You need to learn how to “sell ice to an eskimo” as my dad would say.
  • I found that I didn’t need to be an amazing writer- but I did need to find my voice- and one that worked well with my audience.
  • Do. Your. Research. Write your posts ahead of time- not the night before. A post is not just about what content your write. It’s about your chosen pictures, your pins, the products and how you promote them.
  • Know what your audience wants. Some of the posts I wrote did not perform as well as I thought. And similarly on the flip side posts that I was a little unsure about did great. Don’t be afraid to write about something new- just research the topic first.



Future Plans


I will plan to have 4 series throughout the year. While that may not seem like a lot that is a large goal for me. I’m a single mom without family in town, working full time and going back to school. Whew! I’m lucky I still have a brain at this point! 

I use an Erin Condren planner to keep everything together. (Join her referral program here)

Most planning is great to have online- but some times I don’t have access to a computer and I can’t always see the little text on my phone. Having a tangible planner takes the anxiety out of being prepared.

I’m also planning on adding more pins to my Tailwind scheduler. Since I’m starting small, I like to add in batches. Once I can handle scheduling 15 pins per day I can bump it up to more. Although that is likely nowhere near what other bloggers pin, the principle is the same. Do not overload yourself or bite off more than you can chew. It will hurt your growth!

If you have another way to boost your views, I’d LOVE to hear about it! Leave me a comment or contact me here.









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