6 Ways To Naturally Reduce Anxiety and Stress

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According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA),  40 million adults (age 18 and older) suffer from an anxiety disorder. I bet most of those people are moms… 🙂

Seriously though, that is a large chunk of people that are ridiculously stressed from life. Actually, it’s 18.1% to be exact. 

As a professional of the healthcare system, I see too many patients that come in with addictions to many drugs, and anti-anxiety drugs are among them. While I sometimes agree for the need of a prescription,  it’s believed that most stress and anxiety can be managed naturally. I’m not talking about holistic ways- just simple practices that you likely already do, or should do more of.


Clean Your Home

I actually do this- frequently. I wouldn’t be surprised if my poor counter top was scraped up simply from my scrubbing. I pretty much have every known (and some crazy awesome unknown) cleaner to man. When you get down to the nitty- gritty stuff there is a wonderful feeling of relief. While you scrub your base boards it feels like you’re washing away your worries. If you need some “cleansing” inspiration, here’s a few cleaners I can’t live without and also keep the illness at bay in my home.


Organize Your Schedule

When you feel frantic it’s typically because you have too much on your plate and not enough time to do it. Try organizing your schedule. Use a planner to keep you on track so you have (at least) a general idea of what is happening each day. While it is a little tedious to use both an online organizer and a tangible planner, I’ve found that it has come in handy more often than being a nuisance.


Visit The Beach

We know that going to the beach helps reduce stress and give us our much needed vitamin D, but it also promotes good health too. An associate professor at NC State University found that “beaches and waterfront parks offered more resorative benefits to people than gyms, entertainment venues, and the built urban environment.”





Go For A Walk

According to Stanford research, going for a walk in a natural environment can help to significantly reduce your risk for depression among other health benefits. Skip the Doc and go for a walk! (I’ve turned into Dr. Seuss…)




Yes, walking is considered exercises but if you’re walking for relaxation then I suggest you leave the fitness box unchecked. Raising your heart rate while doing upbeat exercises helps release endorphins and toxins while toning up your physique. As a busy working mom (who gets her cardio in walking 12 hours at work 3 times a week..) I try to complete at least 2-3 exercises a day. They’re simple and quick, and you can complete them in less than 10 minutes or you can break it up and do them throughout the day. Expelling that energy relieves built up tension- so get moving!



Invest in Essential Oils

When used with a diffuser, I really enjoy essential oils. However for my sniffer, if I open a bottle of oil I end up sneezing and getting headaches due to the intense scent. There are plenty of ways to use oils that do not require you to place the scent directly on you. Using a few drops (as directed) in lotions, soaps, vitamins, and supplements. With oils, there is a wide variety scents. Each promotes something different- from relaxation to energizing scents. Some are even said to cure headaches. Using these oils is an easy, hands-off way to promote good health in your home.





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