Healthy Organic Snacks For Kids (on the go!)

Putting together a nutritious meal is an everyday staple in our home. I try to go down the list to check off the necessary foods: proteins, carbs, fruits and veggies. I personally do not typically add healthy fats to my list since I find them in snack items. However, healthy snacks for kids is a requirement in itself.
When I was a kid we had health class in school that taught us the basic food groups, complex carbs etc. I even remember that old food pyramid, do you?
Old food pyramid picture
Check out the new pyramid health providers are now pushing:

Simple pyramid

Nowadays healthy food requirements have changed and there are now organic, gluten free, vegan, keto, and paleo diets. These were not around when I was growing up, and if they were, they were seldom discussed.
I was extremely skeptical of all these new diets popping up and honestly just thought someone got bored one day and decided to make up something new to get  popularity points. I stepped back and followed the old cliche of: “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” since I know very little about these diets and their health benefits. I’ve vowed to keep my opinions to myself until I know more about them.
One area I am familiar with is going organic. As I said, I originally thought it was a big wig that got fancy, when in fact its about keep chemicals out of our bodies.
Unless you work in the food industry most people have no idea what is happening behind the scenes when food is being processed and grown. It finally came out that so many things that we ate had harsh chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives that are not meant for our bodies.
If you are interested in learning more about what you’re eating and choose to eat healthier, go organic. I’ve heard stories from the a few generations that are older than I about how they ‘didn’t eat organic and they’re fine’. That’s great, but would your knowingly give your children a harsh chemical to ingest? I doubt that.
Hunter is a hungry little boy. He’s growing more everyday.  I have to keep snacks on me at all times for when the ever present “I’m hungry” fills the air.
I chose to go organic. I try my absolute best to buy as much organic as possible, but sometimes I just do not have $50 to spend on those pretty peppers raised in a perfect paradise.
I started purchasing whole wheat and low sodium products, then spread to organic meats and veggies. Thankfully I only need to buy for Hunter and I as purchasing for an entire family (let’s say 4 people) tends to get expensive.
**I would like to state that not everything you see that says it’s USDA Organic is all the same quality. There are better brands that you should strive to purchase, but at least an organic purchase is better than a non-organic one. An example would be: I would rather buy organic Whole Foods brand frozen veggies first than Publix or Ingles  organic brand. And neither of those supermarkets are low in quality.
And since I decided to buy as much organic as possible, the health packaged snacks I leave home with are no different. It’s difficult to have hand picked amazing snacks for kids when they’re hungry on the go but a healthy snack is better than no snack. He’re’s a list of organic toddler snack foods that you should never leave your home without!











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