Do Your Kids Have These Sweet Summer Shoes?

Summer is here and we have been nothing short of active! I have our day trip bags always half way packed with water toys, clothes, snacks, and at least 2 pairs sweet summer shoes!
When kids are young, it is such a pain to keep up with their growing feet. Its frustrating to buy a great pair of shoes only for them to be too small in a matter of months. However, that’s how it goes especially with boys.
Tips for Buying Shoes
* Buy a 1/2 size up. Be sure to actually try the shoes on your kids’ feet and make sure that the 1/2 size is appropriate. Do some research on the brand (if you’re planning to buy a well known one) and know whether or not they run small, tight etc.
*Get 2 pairs- if you can swing it. This is something I learned after buying a few pairs that were good brands and a) had the first pair ruined in a matter of days and b) they were grown out of within the first month due to a spurt. 
*For the Summer- get a good pair of sandals and water shoes. 
Hunter basically lives barefoot or in water shoes in the summer. Since he’s still young we go through new shoes at least twice a year. This year we bought 2 pairs of Cat and Jack flip flops and some Fresko water shoes. While I personally like the look of the “sneaker water shoes” better, I chose the rubber sole shoes that come up and over the toes. That style is best for him since we frequent rivers with lots of rocks and sharp edges.
There are a ton of choices when it comes to kids shoes. However, there are quite a few brands that are better than others. 
We have quite a few different pairs of Plae shoes. These are great for toddlers. They’re water-friendly and quick dry. Plus, they’re lightweight with availability to tighten, and come in a vareity of colors.
These  Merrell sandals are very versatile. They are made with high quality leather straps, rubber sole and toe, and can be used for hiking and playing in the water.
We had a pair of these Crocs that Hunter loved- until his feet grew 1/2 a size up in less than a month. They’re lightweight, very breathable, give protection almost like a normal shoe, and they look like little boating shoes! The only downside I found was that the entire shoe is made of durable plastic (which doesn’t sound bad..) but there is no fabric inside the shoe. I would suggest looking into another shoe if your kids have sensitive feet and easily get blisters.

I am a big fan of the covered toe sandal for kids. I’m not sure how your kids are, but Hunter has trouble picking up his feet and trips over the tops of his shoes often. When he has a covered toe I worry less about his toes getting scraped up. These cute Teva toddler shoes that come with open toe and closed work well for hiking and water play. They also have and “older” version of these sandals that are just a cool. I’ll likely get a pair when Hunter’s feet grow into them.
Hunter and I are similar in the fact that we love color. While we both share in loving the color blue, we also love big, bold colors. I found these OshKosh bumptoe sport sandals and immediately knew we needed to have them. The extra selling point I liked about the sandals were the fact that they were machine washable! Rinsing shoes that walk everywhere is one thing- but a deep cleaning is always good.
Here’s another great hiking/water shoe option. We live in the mountains in North Carolina (wish we were closer to the beach..) so not needing to switch shoes every time we hike into a river is so much easier.
Although this shoe is an off brand,  it has real potential.  This Cior watershoe has mesh on the top, a rubber sole and an easy slip on sneaker/ water shoe hybrid.

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