Exercises To Help Correct Disc Herniation

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Last year as I was moving into my new home I pulled my back. And not just in one place, but in a few. I had strained a little muscle in my rear called the Piriformis muscle and had 2 slight disc herniations in my spine. Although none of them were a death sentence by any means, the collective pain from all three had me laid out on my back for two months solid. 

Basically, I had three major pain points that were touching my nerves: 2 herniations touching my spinal nerve and my inflamed Piriformis muscle that was pressing on my sciatic nerve. I had pain from my lower back all the way down through my left glute and continued into my thigh, calf, and last 3 toes.  OUCH!

FYI-Your Piriformis is a small triangular muscle located in your glutes.  It helps rotate your hip, leg and foot outward. (You have no idea how much you rely on and use this muscle until you’ve pulled it!)



My home suffered, my son and dog suffered, and even family members suffered as they had to take turns coming into to town to  take care of me until I could get myself fixed. 

Unfortunately, that was half the battle. It wasn’t just one appointment and I was finished. I had to see multiple doctors, have an MRI, see a Physical Therapist, a spine specialist, and finally have a steroid injection. 

Through all of this I had just finished nursing assistant classes and had to take my state exam with a throbbing back which made it darn near impossible to sit or stand. (Mind you, my entire exam was providing hands-on care; i.e bending, lifting, kneeling etc. I did pass though…)

Shortly after I passed my exam I accepted a brand new job at a hospital and would be starting in just a few short weeks. I had to start my job with the inability to stand for long periods (12 hour shifts on my feet… not good) and I had three of those shifts before I even went to see the doctor for the injection. 

Thankfully and I’m not really sure how, I made it through the week and went for my injection.  Five days later I was like a new person. I wasn’t back to full flexibility, nor were the issues gone, but I was able to stand, walk, and bend properly without searing pain in my back and leg. Nerve pain is the worst!

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During this fun adventure I saw a PT and was given some instructions. I thought I was on the mend at one point, so I decided to complete my exercises at home- and add some in to strengthen my back and core. Big, BIG no-no. I do not recommend adding in exercises that you think will help. Always consult a doctor or therapist first! I ended up making my back worse which is why I had to eventually have the injection.



Exercises to Avoid With Disc Herniation 

  • Sit Ups and Regular Crunches
  • Torso Twisting Stretches
  • Rounded Back Hamstring Stretches
  • Dead Lifts



Fortunately, there are corrective exercises and stretches you can do for disc herniation. They’re low impact and effective and can help your back heal safely.


Corrective Exercises To Help Disc Herniation



  1. Hip Flexor







2. Hamstring Stretch





3. Bilateral Knees to Chest









4. Single Knee to Chest







5. Pelvic Tilts







6. Bridges




Yoga Poses for Disc Herniation


Along with these simple strengthening exercises, there are multiple yoga poses that can help with disc herniation. Research has found that yoga has a tremendous positive effect on the body. Studies have shown that yoga outperforms aerobic activity at improving balance, strength, flexibility, as well as pain and energy levels. Try out these poses starting with beginner level. As your body adjusts, you can (with the approval of a professional) move on to more advanced poses. (NOTE: Each of these pose has a sanskrit term associated with it, however they are not listed. If you would like to learn these yoga terms, you can find a list here.)


1.  Cobra Pose






2. Locust Pose






3. Child’s Pose





4. Triangle Pose





5. Plow Pose







6. Wheel Pose




What do you need for these exercises?


Most of these corrective exercises can be done on a padded surface in your own home. And, you really do not need any additional equipment to complete them. However, as an bonus I do recommend investing in a few pieces that you can add to your home gym. These small additions can give you that extra stretch, massage, and weight needed to make a difference. Plus,  you’ll save a some pocket change not needing to pay for a gym membership.


Yoga Mat


Resistance Bands




Foam Roller




April Amazon Picks: Minty Fresh

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Hunter has become extremely vocal over the last 6 months. It’s amazing how much kids grow in such a short time.

He has enjoyed telling me frequently, and over and over again, about his favorite color blue. When he first started reminding me at 2.5 years I was a little frustrated. The first 12 times was cute. At the hundredth time it lost its sweetness and became a nuisance. 

At this juncture I needed to figure out a different response method. He didn’t know the difference and it wasn’t fair to him for me to be such a grump about it. I ended responding to his statements about his favorite color with my favorite color, mint (teal, and all those lovely shades in between).  Again, it was cute for the first couple times and we even laughed about it. The repetitious nature of it was great for introducing Hunter to respond to questions and vocalizing colors- at least those 2 to start.  Again I searched for a way to keep myself calm about the relentless “blue” statements since he now responded with, ” …and your favorite color is mint, Mommy!”.  

I began responding with questions. “Hunter, what color is this?” Most of the time he knew them and would answer. Of course when he didn’t know I would teach him what the color was and how to say it, thus a reoccurring situation that became a learning lesson. I must say- it was not my first and foremost intention to teach him more colors and how to say them and I’m a little ashamed of that. I was, however, trying to be a better parent by responding in a caring way that wouldn’t hurt his feelings even though I was getting pretty heated with the constant poking.

Needless to say, Hunter knows a wide variety of colors, how to say them and how to pick them out. Just the other day he said, “Look Mommy, that color is Amber.” HUH?!

He has also calmed down about telling me what his favorite color is. He will occasionally point out a toy or two or something else that catches his eye that is blue. Then we have a short game of it: how many items can we find of each of our favorite colors in a few minutes. He always wins since I usually have to go looking for my color and we’re typically in an area where everything is blue.

That’s the beauty of shopping online. You can put in a keyword and find everything in that color! I love mint. It’s warm, and such a stunning color. I have it sprinkled throughout my entire home and could probably see myself naming my next pet Mint. Oh boy, I’m just kidding… or am I?! 🙂




Travel Passport Wallet






KOR Delta BPA Free Water Bottle





KitchenAid Artisan Series- Aqua Sky




Now Design Large Canister Set of 2





Kate Aspen Vintage Lantern




Feskin Laptop Backpack




The Pioneer Woman Cowboy Rustic Cutlery Set





Crock Pot Artisan Enameled Cast Iron Braiser Pan




April Amazon Picks: 15 Pretty Pineapples

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The last month or so I’ve been staring at my blog with that “meh” face. I was feeling pretty unenthusiastic about how it looked, so within the last few days I gave my site an overhaul. While a majority of it was done on the back end, I decided to get a little more visual on the front.
I opted to step away from being literal (mint colored everything) and finally bit the bullet and acknowledged the elephant in the room….. I love pineapples! I enjoy them in designs, their silly shape, their delicious taste, and simply for the fact that they remind me of being in a tropical place.
I bee-line for them in every store I see them in since they’re usually placed with the summer gear. Ah… Summer. That’s another reason I like them. When I start to see pineapples, all things nautical, and outdoor awesomeness get setup, it’s a reminder that those warms months are coming. 
And, I treat Summer very similar to Christmas:  instead of a tree going up right after Thanksgiving- when the temperature hits 70 degrees, and stays, all my warm weather clothes and summer gear come out. I start to plan hiking trips and begin to bug family when they’ll be making their rounds to come visit. This is fun for Hunter too (and not just me with my nautical and pineapple decor) since he loves the warmth and playing in water too. Summer is the best because it opens up more ways to stay active, play, and it’s so much easier to chase away any lingering winter blues.
So these pineapples have an underlying super power: they bring on happiness. What an easy way to smile today-  show me a pineapple! But one thing about that… if you send SpongeBob with it, I’m going to deck ya! 😉







Stainless Steel Pineapple Tumbler







Cute Pineapple Body Pillow





White and Nude Ceramic Pineapple







Pineapple Pet Bed





 Pineapple Planner






Kavu Pineapple Rope Bag






White Tabletop Battery-Operated Pineapple Candle





Wavetree & London Pineapple, Coconut & Lime Milled Soap






Pineapple Stemless Wine Glasses






Alex and Ani Pineapple Bangle





Pineapple Sandwich Peaked Cap







Pineapple, Palm Tree, and Triangle Blank Notecards



Pineapple Comforter




9 Amazon Services Every Woman Needs

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I’m going to cut right to the chase: Everyone knows about Amazon Prime’s 2 day shipping but did you know about Amazon’s other programs? Have I mentioned how much I love Amazon?! 

I’m all about saving money and jumping on free trials is an easy no-brainer.  The trick to saving with them is to make sure you downgrade your account before your card is charged. A simple way to do that is to set a calendar reminder on your email or phone app. I set my reminders for 1-2 days prior and the day of. This way you know it’s coming and can plan ahead. 

Free trials are fun to do because you can try something without actually committing. This has led me to try many different items and services that I wouldn’t normally use since I could play around for free. However, what happens when you do a free trial that has potential to solve a problem for you? That’s a grace period of free solutions.




1.  AmazonFresh

Try AmazonFresh Free Trial  This deal ends December 31, 2018

The Fresh program is for everyone who hates going to the grocery store. (I should see every single hand raised here…) 

After the trial period you get unlimited grocery deliveries for $14.99/mo. The Fresh service is available in all the large metro areas, but I would recommend checking your zip code to make sure it’s offered near you before signing up. This program also requires you to be a Prime Member ($10.99/mo) to utilize it. But have no fear- there’s a trial for that too!





2. Prime 30-Day Trial (+ 2 Bonus Trials)

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial 

Ok, we ALL know about this awesome trial. And honestly, if you don’t… do we really want to be friends? (Hehe, just kidding! Sort of…:) )  Prime membership includes these ever popular benefits for just $99 per year (after trial period): Instantly watch thousands of movies and TV episodes, borrow kindle books,  and unlimited FREE two-day shipping (no minimum order size).

But, here’s what you don’t know. This free trial is for you- but you can also send a trial as a gift! Did you know that? I certainly didn’t.  Give the Gift of Amazon Prime



And here’s another one I just found out about. Try Prime Discounted Monthly Offering  Prime is just $5.99/month for qualifying customers in select U.S. government assistance programs such as holders of the EBT card. You get the benefits of Prime at almost 50% off the regular monthly price. 

That’s a pretty good deal. And, it saves you time and money by ordering online. (Offer ends December 31, 2018)




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3.  Home Services

Try Amazon Home Services Ends December 31, 2020

Here’s a service that is similar to Angie’s List- except it’s through Amazon. You can find quality handyman professionals, house cleaners, and other home services. This is pretty awesome considering you have the opportunity to connect with tons of people and it’s backed by Amazon’s Happiness Guarantee. Here’s a list of FAQs about this program.






4. Wedding Registry

Create an Amazon Wedding Registry

I have personally used this program (when I was married) and it was friggin’ awesome. No more scanning, no more trips to 20 different stores, no more papers to set up and send out. It’s everything you need in that universal marketplace and all you have to do is make a list. A list that everyone can find.  Plus, the added benefits are: up to 20% completion gift off most products, it’s universal – add items from other websites with the universal button, free shipping on orders over $25 or fast, free delivery on millions of items with Prime. 

I shake my head when I hear of brides not using this service. It’s so simple and convenient! Do yo self a favor. Sign up!






5. Baby Registry

Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry

This one goes without saying. If you’re going to sign up for the wedding registry- the same is with the baby registry. The benefits are the same as the wedding registry- where you can add items from any website, discounts are offered, and there is even an extended return period. You know.. for those items you didn’t actually need.




6. Amazon Family

Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial

You may already start to feel like part of “the family” with all these awesome deals listed, but this one comes after the wedding and baby registries. This membership is pretty cool because it kind of bundles Prime and the baby registry.  You get to save 20% on diapers subscriptions, exclusive coupons and deals from Amazon Family, exclusive Baby Registry benefits, and free 2 day shipping on millions of items, unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows, and unlimited, ad-free streaming of over a million songs and more Prime benefits. That’s just crazy.  You basically have a tv and shipping package together. Look into this one mamas…






7. Student Prime

Prime Student 6-month Trial
If you’re anything like me with the constant moving and attempting to go back to school, you have a plethora of student emails. (Fingers crossed that I finally get to finish what I started, this year…) With your student email you can get a 6 month trial of Prime that is specific to students. Included is the 2 day shipping benefits and special deals for students.

I’ve actually done this trial twice and it was amazing! Again, when you sign up immediately set up a reminder six months from the start date so you’re not charged.






April Amazon Weekly Picks- Morning Mugs

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I had a friend recently ask me if I was morning person and before I could answer he asked if I was incredibly upbeat and cheery. He even went so far to motion my  “happy expression” with a face and hands. I laughed at the question, mainly because I know most people who I know (and like… let’s be honest about this…) see that happy side of me all the time, day or night. But I answered with the fact that it depended on how much coffee (and sleep of course) I happened to get that morning.

When I thought about it after, I realized I kind of am a morning person. I like the sun waking up, and it gets me ready to start a new day with new opportunities. However… there are those days when I could have slept a year or had a gallon of coffee and it wouldn’t have mattered.

Those mornings are reserved for the extra pick-me-up. Those mornings are what we call “WTH” mornings and you look for anything that is going to get you through the next hour, let alone your workday. 

When these mornings happen I have a foolproof solution on how to get your butt back in gear. Here’s a quick 3 step guide (literally only 3 steps) to taking your “good” morning back.





1. Look Amazing, Feel Amazing

Last week I was last getting up for work, as in overslept by 25 minutes which is a huge deal. I rolled over, looked at my clock, yelled a series of profanities (thankfully Hunter was not at home) and ran into the bathroom. I had literally 17 minutes exactly to clean up, get ready, feed and walk my dog, pack my breakfast and lunch and be in the car and pulling out of the parking lot. I thought I was going to have a panic attack rushing out my door, but I managed to make it in time. 

When you’re running late in the morning everything feels out of place, and you’re worried that you’ve forgotten something important. In my case I did- my FitBit- but that was it. Even when you’re short on time, make sure you choose what to rush with and what not to.  I spent a solid 10 minutes making sure my face and hair were to my liking since I knew I’d look like that for a 12 hour shift. I do not put make up on in the car. I don’t know how some moms do that, but 1) I’m not that talented and 2) It’s dangerous for you and everyone else on the road.

So, make sure you look amazing. If you know you look awesome, you’re going to feel it. 


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2. But First, Coffee!

If you’re not drinking some sort of caffeine concoction in the morning I send you a huge KUDOS! I managed a large portion of my life without coffee, but after becoming a mom I learned to find the right mixture and now I’m addicted. (PS. cold brew is the way to go!)

Along with coffee, you need a good laugh. I know that sounds difficult to achieve on a rough-start morning, but hear me out. While I was perusing through Amazon the other day I found quite a few coffee mugs that completely cracked me up. Some gave me half a smirk and others I full out laughed. Either reaction you give yourself in the morning will automatically start to change your tune. Check out these hilarious mugs that you need to add to your AM coffee 🙂


The Adventure Begins Mug



That’s What She Said Mug




Don’t Speak Mug





Don’t Be A Prick Mug



Blood Of My Enemies Mug



Help Me I’m Poor Mug



Don’t Tell Me To Smile Mug



Hello Darkness My Old Friend Mug


Here’s the recipe:  1. Read your cup. 2. Make your coffee. 3. Drink about half and wait a good 10-15 minutes. 4. Read your cup again. 5. Have a good laugh, chuckle or even a smirk will do.  Your welcome.


3. Blare Some Good Tunes

Yes, I fully understand that while you’re not awake when you’re getting into your car it is vital for you to pull out that SD disk with all of your ‘feel good’ jams. This is the key to walking into your destination a happier person, I promise you.  You’ve picked these songs for a reason and in the words of J.T. you “Can’t Stop The Feeling”. A foot tap turns into a head nod, then to a sway and next thing you know you’re full out rockin’ and singin’ five minutes from pulling into a parking space.

When you begin your day well it starts a ripple effect. You smile more and have a warm and friendly demeanor. Others pick up on it and you begin to change their morning as well. You soon realize everyone is happier and the day isn’t as bad as your thought it might be. This is way I choose to start every day.