5 Coastal Favorites Worth Splurging On


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I’m pretty sure I have water in my blood. Of course that technically isn’t possible, however with the amount of ocean related items I own it’s definitely food for thought.  I came up with this idea as I walked around my house noticing literally 20+ items in each room that correlated with the ocean.  So, I wanted to take stock of what I actually owned- mainly to see what else I could add to my collection- and I found that I had so many beloved pieces that I decided to pick 5 favorites… for now.

Here’s a short list of coastal loves that I simply adore. Some of these pieces I’ve had for years, while others are fairly new. Either way, they all hold a spot in my heart.


  1. This may seem like an odd way to start, but if you really think about it… is it really? Yes, coconut syrup. Yes, I am serious. I start everyday with my tumbler filled with coffee, cream, and skinny coconut syrup, so why shouldn’t I start my list with the same? It came to me one day to try it as I was a crazy caramel fanatic and was still new to the idea of coffee. I hated the taste of coffee at first but became hooked on the flavor shots you could add to it. As I started to make my own cold brew batches at home I found that I had both caramel and coconut syrups and figured I’d give it a shot with both. My mind was blown. From then on, I decided that was the only way to drink my coffee. Cold brew, caramel, coconut, and cream. YUM. Then one day I forgot to buy caramel and had only coconut. Again, I winged it and decided that I liked having just the coconut. It was a little reminder of tropical tastiness that I could start my day with which only made the day a little better. I suggest you give it a try. You may thank me in the future. You can order it here.
  2. Have you seen the store called Sea Bags? If not, they’re this amazing store based out of Maine that recycles and re-purposes old sails from  boats. They began with a few geometric shapes, bright colors, and numbers, but have now branched out to many more ideas and colors. I first saw them in Newport, RI and wanted to bring one home. But, the price tag at the time was way out of my budget. Fortunately for me, I was given a Sea Bag as a present years later. I am a super fan of the white and bright color contrast as well as the heavy duty rope handles. They’re little bit of a pain to clean but it is so worth it. Check them out for different designs, colors, and styles. They’re the best!
  3. Another sweet store I enjoy is Vineyard Vines. They have lots of clothes for men, women, and children that is categorized as preppy boating attire. While most of their price tags are pretty steep, in my opinion, you definitely pay for what you get as their merchandise is excellent quality. The fabrics are well made and very comfy. With that said, I still pop in their brick and mortar to see the sales. Be sure to snatch up anything you like on the sale rack because items go fast! And I’m not saying not to splurge. I was lucky enough to score 2 gifted summer tanks from there, and they’re gorgeous! You can’t go wrong with a blue and white striped nautical shirt!
  4. As you’ll find out, I’m a fan of nautical items. At Christmas I received a beautiful handmade necklace with an anchor and a pendant with my son’s name on it from an Etsy seller. I wear this necklace often as I love having my son’s name hang close to my heart, however I’m a fairly active person and the jingle-jangling of the anchor and pendant sometimes drive my sensitive ears nuts! Never the less, I pull it out for special occasions and on days I’m feeling up for a challenge, or relaxed enough to ignore the jingles. He he! Since mine was a gift,  I don’t have the exact seller, but I did find this shop with a necklace I would’ve bought for myself.
  5. And lastly, but most definitely NOT the least: I give you my amazing, oh-so-comfy, $400 King size bedspread that I actually only paid $200 for because Dillard’s was having a sale. Logically, $200 is still a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a comforter and sheets, but when you feel like your getting into the penthouse suite fluffy bed with too many pillows and everything is moving in slow motion (at least in my head) then you know you’ve got a winner!  Not to mention the island look with sweeping palms all lined up at my feet when I sleep. So wonderful!  And to help you out, I literally searched high and low for this duvet set but it was nowhere to be found. So here’s the next best thing. Simple and sweet: clean and classic white set with little palms strewn over the comforter.

And as you sit there reading a brief insight to my vast Water World collection, I know somewhere deep in the back of your mind you’re agreeing with me on some level. I know you have a group of watches that have different meanings that you wear on different holidays. Or, there’s a pack of old concert tickets that you have stashed in an envelope with that one that still slightly smells like the beer you spilled on it. Maybe you have a handful of collectible shot glasses that you pick up from every where you travel to because that was something your family did. Everyone has their quirks, mine happens to be water. What’s yours?